MSD Tasks Multiuser

MSD Tasks Multiuser 5.7

Advanced work planner and scheduler


  • Enables managers and senior staff to manage more efficiently
  • Manages employees and tasks at the same time
  • Suitable for large groups of employees


  • This version not suitable for more than 5 teams working on one project
  • Can take considerable amount of time to learn

Very good

MSD Tasks Multiuser is a graphics work planner that allows you to visually schedule work tasks. It's great for bosses, managers and staff that need to collaborate, organise a rota or working schedule. The program can be used as an electronic appointment calendar, administer customer contacts or help project manager when organizing the activities of a team.

The developers assure that security is guaranteed as all data can be protected and encrypted by password. You can assign it to automatically manage work order numbers and print work order reports. All the records in the program can contain an unlimited history meaning you need never lose another rota or shift pattern.

The software is basically based on two concepts - the working groups on one hand and their tasks on the other hand. It does not however play a role as to whether a team works together on a project or individual coworkers separate tasks. The progress of individual projects can be pursued in detail and so in a glance, you can see how well a team is doing. All data is presented in graphical form and to leave despite innumerable factors clearly to present itself.

MSD Tasks Multiuser is a great tool for those that have to manage sizable teams or want to find a better way of tracking employee progress.

MSD Tasks is an advanced work planner and scheduler that will allow you to manage easily and visually the activities and tasks of several workers, thanks to its daily and monthly planners.

Many companies have discovered the utility of this program, that allows to limit the access of each user to the information, so that they can only access to their own tasks, to the tasks of their department or to all the tasks. Each task is automatically associated to a unique work order number. Work orders can be printed and presented to the clients.

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